Roz Cran

I describe myself as an artist printmaker who takes photographs, makes films and bookworks.  

I studied at the University of Brighton and the Royal College of Art, London.

Previously I worked as a Counsellor in the NHS for 20 years and I see the influence of this work in the art that interests me. Relationship is key. How do we relate to the natural world? To a tree? Or a stone? How do we take time out of busy lives to stand and stare, to consider and reflect?

I enjoy working as a Resident Artist and have been ‘in residence’ on an allotment, in a church, a coach park, a former school, an office.

I have exhibited widely in the UK, US and Australia including ANIMAL GAZE and FIGURING LANDSCAPES and ARCADIA ID EST

My film Interview(pig) was shown at the first East Sussex Open at the Towner in Eastbourne

Co Director of RUNWAY, committee member of SoCo Artists.

In 2014 I was commissioned by Coastal Currents Arts Festival Hastings to make Points of View, a pop-up human hide, with 3 levels of look-out to observe the passing humans.

In EDGE at Hastings Station last year I showed three images of abandoned cars: Driven to the edge.

Adrift 2016

Wallflower 2015

Driven to the Edge, 2014

Monday, 2012

Lifeline, 2004