Nicole Zaaroura

Nicole Zaaroura uses moving image, photography, performance as process, writing and sound, to explore and question the corners of intimacy, absence, private/public, slippage, border, encounter, and memory. She has an BA and MA in Fine Art, and has exhibited in the UK, Switzerland, Canada and Finland.

Her practice spans across exhibiting, site responsive installations, residencies, collaborations, performances, facilitating and research. Her located work includes a crypt, a bridge, an experimental underground space, public squares, and many city locations in europe.

As an artist and coordinator she has devised and delivered many participatory projects using film and photography and has worked in a variety of places including a prison, museums, and refugee centres.


Responding to a desire, or need to explore different locations and to work site responsively, she created A BAREFOOT RESIDENCY, an eight month experimental artist residency at St Johns Church, St Leonards on Sea. As a continuing investigation and response to place, parameter, quiet and disquiet, her body movement and space became inherent in a moving image installation, and was shown as a solo show as part of the Hastings Photo Festival programme 2014. A series of selected video stills were sited on the bridge at Hastings station for 'Edge' 2014

In 2015 #THEINVITATIONPROJECT...'A FILM IN MY PURSE' , evolved as a testbed research project that grew from this residency, and took her across the Balkans by road, for a month, using site responsive single untethered projections. These were 'performed' as a chain of interruptions, in Mostar, Sarajevo, Tirana and Athens, and became temporary skin grafts made of light in public places.

She continues to test and explore...